«Nurly Zhol 2020-2025»: Support for national automakers

"Nurly Zhol 2020-2025": Support for domestic automakers

Nurly Zhol State Infrastructure Development Program for 2020 - 2025 was approved by Decree of the Government of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated December 31, 2019 No. 1055.

In order to increase the volume of repairs and maintenance of roads, the renewal of the fleet of road-building and municipal vehicles will be carried out through the mechanism of leasing financing of DBK-Leasing JSC.

The goal is to promote economic growth and improve the living standards of the country's population through the creation of an effective and competitive transport infrastructure, the development of transit and transportation services, and the improvement of the technological and institutional environment.

Tasks of the Program

  • Infrastructural support of territories and transport links between them.
  • Promoting the attraction of Greater Transit and the implementation of export policies through the development of an efficient transit, export and logistics infrastructure.
  • Improving the technological, scientific, methodological and resource provision of the infrastructure complex.
  • Improving the economic efficiency and competitiveness of transport infrastructure entities and carriers.
  • Improving the operational and environmental safety of transport infrastructure.
  • Main terms of leasing financing:

    Subject of leasing municipal, road-building machinery, buses, tractors and combines of domestic production, objects of energy, gas, housing and communal infrastructure
    Lease term
    • no more than 7 years - for buses, tractors and combines of domestic production;
    • no more than 5 years - for road construction and municipal vehicles;
    • no more than 10 years for objects of energy, gas, housing and communal infrastructure.
    Nominal interest rate 7% per annum
    Loan currency tenge
    Down Payment at least 15% at the expense of the local budget or the lessee’s own funds

Leases may include

Vehicles and special purpose automotive equipment of domestic production, except for passenger transport:

Hyundai Trans Auto