Society Ombudsman

The Ombudsman is a person appointed by the Board of Directors whose role is to advise the Company's employees who applied to it, participants in labor disputes, conflict and assist them in developing a mutually acceptable, constructive and implementable decision, taking into account compliance with the laws of the Republic of Kazakhstan need), to assist in solving problematic social and labor issues, as well as in adhering to the principles of business ethics of the Company's employees.

The main functions of the Ombudsman are:

  • collecting non-compliance with the Code of Conduct;
  • consultation of employees, officials on the provisions of the Code of Business Ethics;
  • consideration of appeals of the Company's employees for actions (inaction) of employees and decisions taken (acts) of the Company's officials;
  • rendering assistance to the Company's employees in the settlement of conflicts (disputes) at an early stage before their transfer to judicial bodies, out-of-court settlements;
  • giving recommendations to the Company's officials on resolving conflicts (disputes) on received appeals;
  • develop recommendations for resolving and preventing conflicts (disputes) of a systemic nature;
  • holding necessary meetings, meetings, consultations, discussions with employees of the Company, representatives of government bodies and organizations, as well as hearing employees of the Company on received appeals.

Alimukhambetov Nurzhan Yerzhanovich

Ombudsman of "DBK-Leasing" JSC, Member of the Board of Directors of DBK-Leasing JSC, Independent Director

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On the facts of unlawful actions of officials and other employees of the Company, please contact us by phones +7 701 215 77 19; +7 777 215 77 19, as well as by e-mail to receive written requests.