Corporate social responsibility

Principle of effective HR policy

Corporate governance in the Company is based on the protection of the rights of the Company's employees provided for by the legislation and is aimed at the development of partnership relations between the Company and its employees in addressing social issues and regulation of working conditions.

One of highlights of the HR policy are improvement of working conditions in Society and observance of regulations of social protection of employees of Society.

Corporate management stimulates processes of creation of the favorable and creative atmosphere in labor collective and promotes advanced training of employees of Society. Selection of workers is performed on the basis of transparent competitive procedures according to internal regulating documents of Society.

Environmental protection

In its activities, the Company follows the principles of maximum care and rational attitude to the environment in accordance with the requirements of legislation and generally accepted standards for environmental protection.

Settlement of corporate conflicts and conflicts of interest

Members of the Board of Directors and the Management Board, as well as employees of the Company, perform their professional functions conscientiously and reasonably in the interests of the Company and the Sole Shareholder, avoiding corporate conflicts and conflicts of interest.

In case of presence (occurrence) of corporate conflicts and conflict of interests, officials and employees of the Company shall inform the Corporate Secretary or other authorized person in due time about presence (occurrence) of corporate conflicts or conflict of interests.

Officials, as well as employees of the Company, ensure full compliance of their activities not only with the requirements of legislation and the principles of this Code, but also with ethical standards and generally accepted norms of business corporate ethics.

Training and development

The DBK-Leasing team is a team of highly qualified professionals. The share of employees with foreign education is 8.1%, employees with an MBA degree - 9.8%, employees with two or more degrees - 55.73%. Facilitation of comprehensive training and development of personnel, ensuring the proper professional level of employees for the effective implementation of functions - are one of the main objectives of an effective system of training and development of personnel. In total, about 80% of DBK-Leasing's personnel participated in training programmes, seminars and trainings during the reporting year.

Motivation and remuneration

One of the most important areas of work with personnel is building an effective, transparent and balanced system of personnel motivation. DBK-Leasing is improving its performance management system; the level of remuneration depends on the achievement of the company as a whole and individual employees, in particular, the agreed goals and objectives.