Renewal and advancing public transport of Pavlodar and Kokshetau

Renewal and advancing public transport of Pavlodar and Kokshetau

Today, on July 5, 2019, Pavlodar and Kokshetau bus fleets will receive new domestically produced buses. In Pavlodar, new ANKAI buses will now operate on city routes, 20 buses on diesel fuel and additionally, 10 buses on electricity, made at Saryarka AvtoProm LLP factory in Kostanay.

We are happy that Pavlodar is amongst the first cities of Kazakhstan, advanced and keeping up with the time. Nowadays, global community understands the importance of transition to green economy technologies. World largest cities increasingly implement projects on alternative power sources. Pavlodar also follows the trends of developed and modern world cities.

It is noted that electric buses are completely free of harmful emissions, in addition, bus fleet will also reduce bus maintaining costs due to almost no expenses incurred on diesel fuel, oil and all sorts of filters. All one may need to do to maintain buses is to keep the battery charged, and this can be done at night without putting extra pressure on city electricity network. Passengers will feel comfortable themselves in the new modern buses, which are also almost noise-free thanks to electrical engine and which are also adapted to Kazakhstani weather conditions.

Kokshetau already received new 31 YUTONG diesel buses. YUTONG diesel buses satisfy all safety requirements and meet advanced comfort levels.

New buses were acquired thanks to program on renewal and advancing public transport with domestic buses, approved by RK Ministry of Industry and Infrastructure Development and BRK-Leasing JSC. Thanks to support from the state and allocation of funds, amounting to 40 billion tenge until 2020.